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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 13, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> eric: this is a fox news alert. we have breaking news on two big stories at this hour. you are looking live at the white house where president obama and house speaker john boehner are about to meet to discuss the looming fiscal cliff. this is a surprise meeting, one that we learned about a short time ago. boehner is making his way over there right now.
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the other breaking news is that u.n. ambassador susan rice just removed her name from consideration for the coveted secretary of state job, following the theory over her response to the attack on the consulate in benghazi. ed henry has more on both breaking stories. take it away. >> reporter: you are right. speaker boehner left the capital and expected to arrive at the white house in a moment. this could not put more explanation point how critical this meeting is. we are running up against the fiscal cliff. we heard from firms that unless a framework for a deal is forged in the next few days they are going to run out of time in order to actually move whatever deal they come up with through both changes to the house and the senate. this is why i got new information that last night senate majority leader harry reid met in a private dinner and he was saying he believes it's nearly impossible to get the fiscal cliff deal done before christmas.
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what they are focused on is a so-called plan "b" where the house in the next few days may pass extension of the middle class tax cuts. the old bush tax cuts. then let the tax rates for the rich go up and fight it out in january and february over spending cuts. we'll see whether or not conservative goes along with that, if speaker boehner was party to that. the second big story is susan rice. in the last couple of hours calling the president and saying she is pulling her name out of consideration for secretary of state, all because of the controversy over benghazi, her reaction to the terror attack, whether or not she misled the public. bottom line this puts john kerry, democratic sources say, as the likely contender to be secretary of state i'm seeing the suvs pull up with speaker boehner right now. both the stories breaking right as we speak. you will see speaker boehner in a moment. but bottom line is you will remember at the post election news conference, the president made a big deal about standing up for susan rice. saying that basically, she
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was -- [ inaudible ] not going to stand for attacks threatened filibuster. this is a cave-in by the president. he gave in to the critics on the hill. susan rice may not be disappearing. it posted a story saying the top democrats say she may be the next national security advisor here inside the white house. significant that the president appoints her to that, doesn't need senate confirmation, so republicans can't phil buster. the final point i'll make is democrats are telling us that chuck hagel the former republican senator is now the leading contender to be the next defense secretary. the rice move possible kerry elevation to secretary of state is part of a broader look at refurbishment. expecting a new national security team for president to announce as early as next week. >> eric: thank you, ed henry. if you hear anything else, get back to us and we'll go back to you. >> thank you. >> eric: you hear this, and i heard you humming, which
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part? what was concerning to you? >> dana: the piece about the fiscal cliff first. you think they have had a year to work on that the democrats and republicans could come together. i think what harry reid heard last night from the democrats is we are not going to do anything. this is reported in the national journal today. not going to do anything to make any change or sacrifice benefit for social security, medicare or medicaid. that would be a condition of speaker boehner, which is if we give you the revenue you have to help us on the spending side, on the entitlement issue. reid said i can't get democrats to support that. so now boehner is going up to say all right, where are we? maybe they'll get to something. if they push this on the next year, i think it's a good thing because, in some ways, because you a new congress and new members. maybe because they are going out to live under the decision that would be made this month, maybe it's okay to have them be able to weigh in on it. >> eric: hang on to the
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ambassador rice comment commenta minute. bob, you were fist-pumping while hearing henry say there is a meeting and they may kick part of it down the road. >> eric: what is happening here -- north dakota is getting to point you can't write legislation, not enough time to write legislation revamping social security and medicare. they can pass the tax cuts. leave the top 2%, $250,000 their taxes will go up. they have to have language there to deal with the republican concern about entitlement. i think it will be along the lines of sequestration. if you don't have an agreement on social security, medicare or medicaid, social security or medicare at a certain point, date certain there will be automatic cuts in programs. >> andrea: they will take away the defense cuts and push -- >> dana: they will push off the defense cuts. push them off. >> andrea: how howardly is that? i think a lot of members secretly wanted the cuts to
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take place so they don't take a stand and they don't have to vote either for higher taxes or on entitlements. today is -- bob is right. today is the last day that they need to come up with a deal because there is a time crunch on the legislation. getting it through. but i think it's disingenuous for jay carney to come out and say today, republicans haven't moved at all. republicans have moved. they have come to the table with revenue raisers. it's the democrats that haven't moved at all. i do think that after the first of the year, it's not good to have the fight. the reason for that is they are just fighting over the tax cuts for the rich, that is a p.r. battle that the president wants, because he knows he will win. >> greg: this was supposed to be about spending, and taxes. now it's just about taxes. it's like ignoring cancer and treating a cold sore. it's always going to be about spending. the worst thing, president obama never has to explain, ever, why raising taxes on the 2% would help.
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or hurt the economy. most people believe that it will hurt the economy. he gets more free rides than a hot hitchhiker. at some point, we have to question president obama's obsession with a certain segment of the population. if the rich were justin bieber, obama would be arrested for stalking. >> eric: that is another great line. >> bob: one thing he has going for him is the polls that are out, two things in the polls that just came out from pew and abc, "washington post," people do want spending cuts. they think it's very important. but they overwhelmingly favor increase in taxes. >> if you don't offer the alternative, you know, closing the loopholes and finding, you know, getting rid of the brackets, nobody ever puts that in a poll. when they do put in a poll that people shy away from increasing taxes. >> eric: we have a couple of polls. pull up the first one. how the budget control, how the budget should be fixed. 49% say lawmakers will reach an agreement.
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34% said push them over the fiscal cliff. we don't know what will happen in this hour, in this meeting so we could still go over the fiscal cliff. the second poll, the best way or fix this budget problem, 57%. mostly spending cuts. raise my taxes. >> dana: this is the problem that the democrats are starting to realize, they let this go on too long. you never under estimate the obama administration tendency to overplay their hand. yes, they had a good hand, but they do too much. then the public catches up with what is going on here. they say wait a second, for spending cuts and the new stories are starting to change. that the democrats say they are not for that. >> bob: the people blame republicans if it doesn't work. they blame obama. if you brought up a number should rich people get tax increases overwhelmingly they yes. >> eric: let's talk about what is going on. president obama came out and said i want 1.6 trillion in new revenues.
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john boehner says we will give you $800 example in new revenue. obama came down to $1.4 trillion. boehner hasn't come back yet. if boehner offers $1 trillion new revenues can it pass the house? >> andrea: great question. we are sitting around the table sitting about deal that boehner brokers. he has to go back to the members to get the deal through the house. i'm not so sure about it. i know what he won't get through the house, raising taxes. he is not going to get some tax raising compromise together. there is no house member when they know they have to run for re-election every two years, that is going to vote for a tax increase. how would they get through a primary? >> bob: they will vote on cutting taxes on everybody but the 2%. that is politically sellable. >> dana: no. extending the bush tax cuts for everybody. it's not obama's tax cuts.
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>> bob: you extend it for everybody except for that group of people. >> eric: if they are not -- let me ask you. >> dana: i see. >> eric: will they get -- >> dana: i see what he is saying. it's like when you reduce the rate of growth, you get credit for saying that you cut spending. it's a game. it's a word game. >> bob: keep in mind, whatever legislation happens can be retroactively made to january 1. when you get to june working on this, you still have the debt ceiling issue here. she is right tough to get through the house. boehner for the first time, unlike last time, he has the lieutenants with him. canada with him, two or three others in leadership with him on this. so if he has that, he can put together majority. >> eric: can you imagine what is going on behind the door now? john boehner has to figure out how he is going to offer increase revenue, probably offer tax increases and figure out how to sell it to the group. >> greg: i go back to the
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maxim about obese people. they are not fat because they don't have enough fat. they're fat because they eat too much. that's the government. the problem isn't they need more money. they can't stop spending. every time you raise taxes it's injecting a fat person with twinkies. >> eric: we have to go. what is the significance of boehner was supposed to leave either tonight or tomorrow morning to go back to ohio. and this meeting happens. >> dana: they all want a weekend. the members want to go back home and touch base with the constituents so obama and boehner who are acting like the adults here decided to have a meeting. and temporary measures are very bad for the economy. so setting aside what is good for republicans or democrats if they kick this to january or february and we talk about it then, maybe it helps the markets get through the fiscal cliff area. but still a tetch rare measure that doesn't involve -- >> greg: can we call it something else? fiscal cliff? can't we call it something else? >> dana: sure. >> eric: monetary -- >> greg: liberal fantasy. >> bob: one more thing on
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the table. can obama sell cuts in entitlements to his senate? >> dana: not acarding to harry reid. >> eric: leave it there. we'll stay on it. don't go away. more on developing news washington, including ambassador susan rice. we'll get on that when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: got to love the who. >> dana: who? >> greg: who? get back to susan rice in a minute but they have the lie of the year, coverup benghazi to win an election by obama. no, kidding. the left wing hacks claim the biggest lie was milt's claim that -- mitt's claim that jeep was moving its production to china causing a flood of negative press directed at mitt. of course it did. only the american media could see this little flubb as worse than the bungled aftermath
2:17 pm
following the death of four americans in benghazi. forget the other liberal lies that paul ryan pushes grannies off the cliff, remember that? or mitt murdered a guy's wife. that was fun. media is a sad middle age man at strip club overcome by obama lust diminished by stupidity. the emperor has no close clothes. all they can do is keep whistling. why every news outlet ran with the fake award. the blog claims the public expressed collective outrage and they must mean male bloggers with ponytails. saying this is the real lie but it's worse than a lie. abetting the obama coverup, the media is an accessory after the fact. we still don't know where this video idea came from, i will never stop. don't you think that is worse than a crack about jeeps shipped to china? the politifact lie of year award should go to politifact.
2:18 pm
congrats. covering up "o"'s mistake is you considered journalism? a few more dead an you'd get the liar's achievement award. susan rice removed her name. i didn't know you could do that. i could theoretically remove my name from the strawberry cake ambassadorship. >> dana: every day i could make an announcement i am going to withdraw my name for the hello kitty ambassadorship at times square. i don't know if you see them. they try to recruit me. >> andrea: miss universe. >> dana: i understand they want the news fight and why they go against the republicans, the mean guys. here is the thing. it wasn't just about benghazi she was not looked at to be the next best secretary of state. it's a moderate senator. senator collins saying i'm not for this. several reasons. president obama lost his first
2:19 pm
political gamble of a second term. then they are magnifying it, making a big announcement. she is doing exclusive interview tonight with nbc. she was never officially nominated for anything. you can't withdrawal your name from consideration. we could do that all day long. get maybe good press. >> eric: he never in any -- >> bob: he never in any way, shape or form hinted she would be the secretary of state nominee. >> dana: yes, he -- >> bob: no, he defended her. but i never heard him say anything about secretary of state. >> andrea: do you want to use this opportunity maybe to withdrawal consideration of your candidacy for sexiest man alive >> bob: i can't do that. nobody else could take my place. [ laughter ] >> eric: the timing of this, ambassador rice, maybe as you point out susan collins, john mccain was hard on her and said i'm going to give her a break. see what she has to say.
2:20 pm
mccain, lindsey graham and colin, couple -- and ayotte spent hours with her behind closed doors and came out with a face like uh-oh, this is going to be a problem. they were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and realized they couldn't she has no choice. >> dana: there is an art of floating somebody's fame for something, they didn't do it well. >> andrea: they created this mess from day one. they floated her name. they are the ones that pushed it. now, they think this is good for them. it really do think this is good for them. the president issued a statement that said we can't believe, we're disappointed in republicans. if i were her, i would say you know what? spare me. you have have done enough to hurt me. now i look like a victim. she should have said weeks ago i think we talked about this on america's newsroom, she should say i don't want it. >> dana: happy where i am. >> bob: if you float a name for secretary of state and don't do it by giving her talking points on controversial issue and put it on a talk show. >> dana: that aren't true. >> greg: so you are blaming
2:21 pm
the video of her on sunday talk show. that created angry mob in the white house. >> andrea: who made the video? can we put them in jail? >> greg: do you know what it is? once they found out she was worth $40 million. could it have been attack on the super rich? >> eric: 1%. >> dana: but now they have john kerry. he is worth $40 billion. >> eric: point something out about the politifact thing on the monologue. they're wrong on this. romney is right. chrysler is building, moving -- not moving is opening plants in china, building -- >> dana: that is not -- >> bob: that is not what romney said. >> eric: he misspoke and said jobs. they still have our money, bob. they have our money opening the plants. >> bob: romney -- >> eric: he was right. >> bob: he did it in ohio. this is a bigger deal than greg made it out to be. in ohio, in the last push for the most important state. he made a statement that chrysler was taking the jeeps and going to china with them. that's just wrong.
2:22 pm
flat-out wrong. >> andrea: by the time the ad came out it was factually correct. >> greg: by the way, if it was a flubb, which -- look, how could it be any worse than accusing mitt romney of murder? >> dana: they actually had to admit they got it wrong. even the people on the left said -- >> bob: can we go back to susan rice for a second. they talk about her being the national security advisor, which does require senator approval. my trend tom donal the current national security advisor, nobody easily pushed around, i think you look at him as potential secretary of state nominee as well. >> eric: what about john kerry? >> dana: holy freddie mac, batman. >> andrea: who is fact checking the fact checkers? how can someone call themselveses a fact checker? so greg, i'm just going to call myself a fact checker right now and say the lie of the year was politifact but it was that romney was wrong to claim spending under obama accelerated at a pace without
2:23 pm
precedence in history. they said that was a lie. that is lie of the year. >> bob: the beckel almanac settles all the issues. >> andrea: they debunked poltifact a number of times. for them to come out and give an award is opinion journalism. >> bob: we got to go. >> greg: we have to move on. coming up, did you know the government has the power to find out anything they want about you? maybe they'll get me a need christmas present. i like hummel. stick around. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. we know santa has got his list. apparently so does the
2:28 pm
government! it doesn't matter if you're naughty or nice under the guidelines signed by the obama administration last spring. the national counterterrorism center can now collect information about any u.s. citizen, without any reason or cause in the name of counterterrorism. we're learning about this, more about this now because julie andwin of the "wall street journal" did a freedom of information request to find out was there even a debate most the administration about whether or not it would be allowed to take any government file, so anytime you have the government if your life, now that file could go to national counterterrorism center, for any reason. are you comfortable with that? >> greg: well, i like, i mean, i happen to enjoy surveillance but for reasons i can't get in to here. giving eric holder access is giving car keys to a kindergarten glass. why do i feel like she will be the ground game in 2016? we have imprisoned a filmmaker, expanded surveillance over america and used drones to kill americans.
2:29 pm
we painted the right being those who infringe on right. but evil is done in name of america. >> eric: al-awlaki became a u.s. citizen -- >> i'm okay with it. he's a terrorist. it's bad under bush and okay under bam. the thing i list are okay but if it was -- >> the terrorist surveillance program, broke by the "new york times." program in place to surveil anyone talking to a terrorist overseas. this was the biggest deal going. everybody freaked out. ruined a way to collecter
2:30 pm
thor. but in addition program analysis, they admit they have to so much information they don't know what to do with it. >> a big difference here. people on the left, what about the patriot act. similar type of things. payry yot act went through congress and voted on. they want to pull it, they can pull the plug on it. this is executive order. it happened behind closed doors. the "wall street journal" did a request but this violates the fourth amendment. they can go in and take what they want without the probable cause. they don't to prove probable cause. this is disturbing. >> this is and ought to be done away with. the reason you sign the executive order is because of the patriot act. it gives the president the authority in administration -- >> that is -- >> executive order on this part. you couldn't before the patriot act you couldn't sign a thing. but what you talk about, remember the phone companies got in that is all of that
2:31 pm
trouble, they helped out the administration in counterterrorism and pulled the plug on that. terrible. >> andrea: the patriot act was designed to focus on terrorism. the bush administration used it to get terrorism information non-terrorism data bases. this is to get any information anywhere. not just the fourth amendment. front to the bill of rights. you know, though, the left has been seselectively berserk about privacy. they have been trying to get hands on the medical records for years. they are doing it under obamacare. as you point out, as long as it's for the greater good, privacy doesn't matter. they can do whatever they want. i hope it heads to the courts. i can't even believe they focus on terrorism. >> the administration, they say they only look at likely terrorism things. more information is needed.
2:32 pm
in san francisco and the other cities, some of the public bus systems put microphone in the seat to do surveillance. imagine if you heard this conversation. there is greg, bob, eric, imagine you were on a public bus and hear what they were talking about. >> that is funny. >> greg: i have never been on a public bus. the only talk you hear on a bus is a guy having a conversation with himself. he's normally not wearing pants. but enough about bill hemmer. >> andrea: bill doesn't ride the bus. >> bob: i talk to a number of liberal since the story broke. they are all furious about it. this is not the liberals behind this. they are outraged. >> dana: the way they deal with the orders and the rule making they put them up on a website. as if it's our responsibility
2:33 pm
to go to the website and check out the rules. where is the press? six months later she wrote this. ninths later. where are the -- >> eric: i'm okay with it. i'm fine with putting surveillance on buses. >> greg: what? >> eric: listen, i'm all for putting surveillance on the school buss to find out if kids are being beating you know what out of each other. >> andrea: your point is the liberals are not in favor of what the obama administration is doing. i haven't heard the outrage that we heard in the bush administration. >> bob: you won't hear the same level of outrage obviously but there are people outraged by it. levin in the senate will make a stink about it. >> andrea: if they're outraged it must be a whisper. >> eric: the difference here is the public bus. >> dana: not just school
2:34 pm
bus. any bus. >> greg: privatize buses. dabs you want outrage? coming up. barbara walters picks the fascinating person of the year, with stiff competition like honey boo-boo and the been a one direction. if you leave now you won't find out why they wrote this song about eric bolling. ♪ ♪ i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is susan rice's withdrawal as a possible candidate for secretary of state. she has taken her name off the short list to replace hillary clinton. rice has been under steady assault by republicans over the statement following the september 11 terror attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. president obama and house speaker john boehner are meeting at this hour at the
2:39 pm
white house to talk about the impending fiscal cliff. the two sides have reported it will patrol gress so far. so what now? that satellite launched earlier in week by north korea, may or may not be working properly. u.s. officials indicate the spacecraft is tumbling. but not likely to crash in to the earth. there are questions about whether the national labor relations board has gone from impartial rulings to a pro-union bias. we look at the agency. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to fork and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." barbara walters revealed her most fascinating person picked last night. we'll tell you our thoughts in a moment. but first, the list inspired me along with "time" magazine upcoming person of the year naming to hit the streets to ask americans who they think
2:40 pm
deserves the title. who do you think should be person of the year? >> harry from one direction. >> eli manning. >> the president. >> i think mitt romney. i think. i mean it's hard to be the runner up. >> santa claus. >> good one! >> santa claus is the person of the year. >> do you know that a 4-year-old just gave me that exact samenance >> great mindsamenance -- same answer. >> great minds think alike. >> andrea: someone said i should be person of the year for putting up with you. last night, barbara walters went down her list of fascinating people. ben affleck, greg can make a lot of movies and have them bomb and you're still considered fascinating. the author of "50 shades of gray." one direction. prince mar harry and she put chs
2:41 pm
christie on her list. last night she asked him, this is one of the reasons why i love barber walters. she had guts to ask a question a lot of people have been talking about. his weight. >> there are people that say you couldn't be president because you are so heavy. what do you say to that? >> that is ridiculous. people watched me for several weeks in hurricane sandy doing 18-hour days so i don't think it would be a problem. >> andrea: what do you think? >> greg: what a weak, weak question. there are people who say -- barbara, who said it? it was you who said it. she said i think you're fat. i think you're fat. that is what you should have said. "there are people who say --" what a wussy question. >> andrea: a lot of people think that. a lot of people talk about that. >> greg: who? >> andrea: me and my friends. we do. >> bob: they say -- >> greg: yeah, they say. some say. >> andrea: all right. here is another example of
2:42 pm
something that -- this is something i think about. hillary clinton in front of her. listen to this. she asked a question about hillary clinton's hair. something we all think about. >> your hair. [ laughter ] >> i know it is one of the great fascinations of our time much to my amazement. >> i do not travel a hair dresser and i'm not very competent myself. i have been admitting that for years which should be obvious to everyone. so i said enough, we're just going to try to go with simple as possible. >> bob: somebody explain to me who is this band thing? i never heard of them. she put honey goo boo? >> honey boo-boo. >> bob: that chick gets more publicity for doing nothing. >> eric: r.c. cola and moon pie. it's most fascinating. >> bob: you find her fascinating? >> eric: i do. if we talk about and people
2:43 pm
wand -- people who watch are disgusted. other half are enar moreed. that is fascinating. bobs of that kid? >> eric: yeah. >> bob: really. >> eric: that kid. >> bob: who is the band? >> andrea: boy band. >> dana: like your daughter probably likes them. she might be too old. >> greg: you have a one direction lunchpail. >> dana: i have one for every day of the week. monday through friday. it always bring my lunch. well-balanced meal with baby carrots. >> andrea: dana, what do you think of the list? >> dana: i like hillary clinton. that was good. i think bill clinton was pretty fascinating this year. he came back from kind of hadn't been in public eye much to help barack obama win again. i thought it was weird -- i would have put blake shelton on the list. >> greg: please! >> dana: there is a good reason. you don't even know. >> bob: who is the number one?
2:44 pm
>> andrea: number one is david petraeus. i actually, i agree with that. >> bob: dana made a good point. what has david petraeus done this year? except get in an affair. >> greg: two he's done. [ laughter ] who uses the word "fascinating" when they describe somebody -- >> dana: talk about you all the time. >> greg: aside from me. you have don't go i just ran in to the most fascinating person. no planets are fascinating. scientific discoveries are fascinating. lemur, fascinating. people, not fascinating. people are people. >> dana: i didn't have time. follow me on twitter tonight as i go to vegas for the national final rodeo. it will tell you why i think blake shelton should have been on the list. there is a good reason. not just because he is a good singer. >> bob: can i have a phrase banned? "to die for." >> greg: okay. >> bob: who said that? it came in my mind. >> eric: you could be one of the most fascinating people i
2:45 pm
know. >> andrea: on that note, you are absolutely right. bob, you might just be the most fascinating person. at least here at "the five." >> bob: they broke the mold, i guess. >> andrea: they did. coming up. a man sues a strip club after he says the ladies took advantage of him. did the argument hold up in court? it was bob -- sorry, i mean bob has the answer. up next. ♪ ♪ this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: you got to love ricky nelson. first, why do i get this segment? here is the way the producers said it to me. bob, when you come up with the story, please try to keep it classy. this is a story about something i know a about, a strip jump. larry flint's hustler club. a guy by the name of william raned up a bill of $28,000, he claims because the waitresses which happens in these places, help him run up the bill and sued the club to get the money back.
2:50 pm
he said he was too drunk, incapacitated. the judge threw it out. if i could have sued for every bit of money i left at a bar, i'd be -- it's work. ridiculous concept. the guy, if you can't handle it, buddy. get out. you know? what do you think the women are there for? they are there to push drinks on you. >> dana: can i ask you something. is it possible to order $28,000 worth of drinks at a club like that? >> bob: yeah. >> andrea: i'm surprised it's so little. every six months there is a story about someone who goes in one of the manly, meccas and i pulled up the numbers. $241,000 at flash dancers. another guy spent $47,000. >> dana: one night? >> bob: that was tips. >> andrea: lap dancing and other activity. >> bob: do you know anything about lap dancing? >> eric: no but i know something about bottle service in nightclubs. $500 a bottle for vodka and do the math. you could rung up the bills.
2:51 pm
the new hot champagne, ace of spades, and i think jay-z might be -- he has some piece of that action. $500 a bottle. popping them left and right. >> bob: did you go to trip clubs and run up bar tabs? >> greg: i stripped for a while to get through dental college and we see very little money from the door. it was a harrowing experience. if you have seen "magic mike" it's based on my life. the worst thing about the strip club, though, not the prices, the free but faye. only thing free about the buffet is hepatitis. >> bob: the money they charge for drinks in the places are like $20 a pop. >> greg: it's a depressing place. the women do not like you. you go in and when you leave, you are the same schmuck as when you went in there. >> bob: they have knives and cut you apart. >> andrea: you never a woman making this mistake in a male strip club. >> bob: sure you do.
2:52 pm
>> andrea: c'mon. $28,000? woman says i got too drunk, i couldn't say no? chippendales? >> eric: the reason i know these numbers is not because of strip clubs. it's regular nightclubs. i want to be clear. not the strip kind. >> bob: cover up for your wife here. you say you have never been to a strip club. >> eric: she knows i have gone a strip club. >> bob: one more thing is next. didn't get you. ♪ ♪ jaymi's christmas shopping and was looking for gifts at best buy. you wanna see walmart has similar gifts for less? yeah. let's go. samsung galaxy s3 -- over fifty dollars less than best buy! wow! fifty bucks! yeah! that's a pair of shoes. see for yourself if you could save on theifts you want. walmart.
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2:56 pm
>> eric: all right. time for one for thing. dana is kicking it off. >> dana: one of the great senator of the united states, senator joe lieberman of connecticut gave his last speech as a senator on saturday. take a listen to this. >> mr. president, my fourth and final term as the united states senator will soon come to an end. as i reflect on that reality, i am of course filled with many emotions. but the one that i feel most is gratitude. i leave this chamber as full of faith and the dream called america. as when i stood here near a quarter century ago to take the oath of office for the first time. thank you, all. i have a lot to be grateful for. >> dana: he is a very honorable man.
2:57 pm
wonderful united states senator. i think he will go down well in history and exciting to see what he does next. thank, senator lieberman for all you did. >> eric: thank you, sir, as well. andrea, you're up. >> andrea: the other day i was in my kitchen and watching a movie while i'm cooking and it goes to commercial break and the commercial was so loud i jumped. but guess what? starting today. no more. congress has done something positive with their time. they passed a law making it illegal i guess for advertisers to raise the volume on commercials above two decibels, so no more loud commercials. thank congress for getting something done. i think both sides can agree on. >> bob: could we get it done here? >> andrea: you are the one speaking loudest. >> bob: you were cooking? were you a big cook? >> andrea: i was making soup. boehner pass your bill today. get the guys on the record before you leave. bring something to the floor. don't wait for the white house. >> eric: let's move on. start with this. we have didn't get a chance
2:58 pm
because of the breaking news to talk about this but we would like to get in the show tomorrow. john hammer, always a marine, imprison in mexico for carrying a shotgun over the border and ad held down in chaunce. let's get him freed. take a dip in right now to the negotiations over the fiscal cliff. boehner and obama see how it's going. can we see it? i'm just kidding. that is ukraine parliament handling things the way, probably the way it should be done. that's it. bob, you're up. >> bob: i thought that was the republican house caucus. >> greg: unions. >> bob: of course. [ laughter ] there is a guy by the name of joe luken in minnesota. he owns legisry stores and a big market chain that wanted to buy his stores when he put them up for sale and he decided instead of doing that he would turn them over, all of them to the employees, 400 of them. and kio plan because without
2:59 pm
them he never would have been successful. congratulate him for doing that, particularly in the christmas season. wonderful gesture on your part, joe, and your employees will carry on to make more success out of the stores. nice thing to do. >> eric: gregory? >> greg: first, i'll read the horoscope. sometimes it's smart to let your rivals win and this could be one of those occasions. untie the armenian man from the basement radiator. wow! wrangler, tomorrow, right? you're leaving. dana is going to the wrangler national finals rodeo that involves horses taking finals. correct? >> dana: like tests? >> greg: yes. >> dana: no. >> greg: it's in las vegas. she is leaving tomorrow. but the good news is you will be reporting from the rodeo for "the five." >> dana: are you bringing that girl back again? there is a new girl, a new rodeo queen. >> bob: get her phone number. >> dana: i'll see what i can do.


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